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Kiekeboer'n Route

Kiekeboer'n Route

Come kiek’n, get her into! Kiekeboer’n is initiafief progressive Twente agrar irish in the municipalities Haaksbergen, Hof van Twente and Borne. Together with our colleagues agrar irish we show how versatile it can be. Farmers in Twente

Farmers can be in a variety of flavors, a variety of ways. Actually, “farmer” a collective term, and that is also evident among the kiekeboer’n. Cows, chickens, goats, horses, pigs … but even if you worked the land for plants, vegetables or fruits you are a farmer. What we all have in common is that we are proud of our company, our products and our workmanship and honest that we like to show. The strength of the Kiekeboer’n is in the professionalism with which they conduct their business and hospitality that they receive the visitors. Experience for yourself how you can use for training, what beautiful horses we grow plants for the home or garden and let your tour of one of the aid farmers. Precisely who want the versatility Kiekeboer’n share with you!

When Kiekeboer’n you to visit! You can pre-arrange for a visit and some of us can come on set days. We have already said the Kiekeboer’n you in many shapes and flavors. View The Kiekeboer’n for all businesses, opportunities and contact information.

We have, in collaboration with Hotel Hof van Twente a 5-day package for you and the route runs along the Kiekeboer’n. See our packages.

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Erve Bruggert is the ideal location for a short or long vacation. The hotel is located in Twente, a short distance from the border with Germany and the cities of Enschede and Hengelo.
The center of Haaksbergen is located 2.5km from the hotel. Haaksbergen and Twente are worth! You will find a peaceful place, space and recreation. Haaksbergen Twente is a real place where the geniality dominates.

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