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History Erve Bruggert

History Erve Bruggert


History Erve Bruggert

Erve Gert in Langelo. History of a farm at the bridge.


The Erve Bruggert the Scholtenhagenweg 46 (formerly Langelo B 127) takes its name, of course, due to the Lank Hotter Bridge; the bridge over the Buurserbeek to The Lankheet. Bruggert was originally part of the Erve of the Measure Materij. The Materij was not old Middle Age yard, but was mentioned in 1602 in the verpondingsregister of Twente. It was a hangover urban and therefore not entirely suggestively yard in the marke Langelo. Along with the hangover cities Bloemena (Weerninksweg 16) and Hasselt (Koren Molenweg 1) Size 1 which had the right in the marke and this is to the end of the existence of the marke (1862) remained so. Having a law which meant that the owner of the land had the right to vote in the marke and could say in matters that were about the management of the common market grounds. So


Photo: The old farm Bruggert

Earliest history and ownership

The Materij fell short after 1700 into three parts, namely Measure Room Boer (fam. Bauhuis Aaftinksweg 21), Sand Boer (originally Sander groves or Sander Boer, now fam. Ter Huurne, Aaftinksweg 25) and Bruggert. Gert Bridge is not the oldest name for the yard. Originally, it was the angle Evers ‘as lying at the Bruges’ called. In 1739 was already a house that was bought by Hendrika Lansink. In 1741 at a public auction Her heirs sold the farm in 1771 to Hendrikus (Nikus) Aaftink, deceased in 1792, his widow Jenneken Meijerink remarried in 1793 with Herman Elferink alias Herman Bruggert. His descendants are in 2007 still own Erve Bruggert.

The first known owners and residents.

The Evers Angle was in the 17th century is closely connected with the history of farm The Keeper (Assinkweg 14), the current estate The Lankheet.

The first known inhabitant of the “Evers Angle is Hendrika (Henrica) Lansink alias Danen, born about 1705 in Langelo on” The Keeper “(which also had the name Danenhut). Hendrika Haaksbergen deceased on March 4, 1759. It is adopted at Easter 1738 as member of the Dutch Reformed Church of Haaksbergen (the forerunner of today’s Protestant church). The limbs book she is listed as “Hendricka Lansinck otherwise Danen. Hendrika purchased on December 2, 1741 at a public auction a portion of the Erve to the Measure Materij Langelo that when the Evers Angle and now Bruggert called. They borrowed 175 guilders from this Roelof Klein Langelo. At the time of purchase Hendrika was still unmarried. As a woman, she was not legally entitled to such sale. Include her stepfather Sander ten Broeke on “The Keeper”, joining this purchase as a guardian. Hendrika married after 1741 Gerrit Steenberg, which marriage remains childless. In the Census of 1748 it appears to be living. Evers on Angle alias Bruggert They are then listed as “Gerrit Steenberg and wife meysjen under 10 years of her late brother. As a foster child they have Doora taken home, the daughter of Hendrika’s brother, the late Daniel Lansink. The brewer book Ter Horst in the Swan is an account of Gerrit Steenberg at Lankheets Bruges. Hendrika spinster and her spun yarn turns out to be. Bought by Ter Horst In the account its spin wages stated. On March 4, 1759, she reportedly under that account (whistleblowing after death). The “noabers’ rang the church bells, after which they were received. Ter Horst in the village on beer After Hendrika’s death appears nephew Daniel Lansink on Erve The Keeper heir. In the book of debtors Ter Horst in the Swan, the outstanding bill of Gerrit Steenberg on May 6, 1766 paid by Daniel. It seems that his uncle Gerrit is currently deceased.

The Evers Angle down Daniel Lansink

In 1759 Hendrika Lansink dies at Evers Hoek. According to the register of the 50th penny makes her nephew Daniel Lansink on 29 December of that year that the death of ‘desselfs Moei Henrica Steenberg, born Lansink in this year occurred due on him, it’s plate sjen called the Evers angle in the farmer kick Langelo to the Lankheeterbrugge ‘. Although Daniel inherited a farm he remained aground at The Keeper of Danen Hutte, which is owned by the marke Langelo was leasing. The Evers angle he leased the first years of Tone Bloemena. This turns on April 8, 1771 to have. Lease a backlog of 36 guilders

Sales Evers angle for financing new home on Erve The Keeper

Meanwhile Daniel Lansink Evers Angle had in December 1770 made ​​by hand. On January 3, 1771 Henricus (NICUs) indicates Aaftink in the register of the 50th medal that he has aangecoft Daniel Lansink groves and a cottage with a piece of land in the Brugge genaamt Langelo for 400 guilders for about 3 weeks. On May 4, the transfer takes place and these sales targeted corpse recorded: “Daniel Lansink and Fenneken of Lochum sell for 400 guilders Hendricus Aaftink and Hendrica Wilderink huisjen-bone and lying country in Bruges genaamt Langelo. Same day dissolves Daniel Lansink loan of 175 guilders off, his aunt Hendrika Lansink had included in the Klein Langelo family, which Evers Angle served as collateral. In 1742 A year later, it is clear what Daniel did. With the remaining funds On May 20, 1772 are Daniel Lansink and his wife Fenne Lochem, according to the targeted protocols 200 guilders guilty of the Reformed Parish. Lien is “a new built house in Langelo, standing on the church-bone and lying kampjen lands. The remaining funds from the sale of the Evers angle proved to be not to build. Sufficient a new home For that money was borrowed from the parish.

The occupation line on Erve Bruggert

The oldest inhabitants of the ‘Angle Evers’ were already dealt with. They were:

I Hendrika Lansink x Gerrit Steenberg 1741-1759

II Tone Bloemena 1760-1770

From the next generation of residents, the farm is only called Bruggert.

IIIa Hendrikus Aaftink x Jenneken Meijerink 1771-1792

Hendrik or Nikus Aaftink probably came from the Erve Aaftink to Langelo (Aaftinksweg 7). He married Jenneken MEIJERINK and bought the “Evers Corner in 1771 Nikus died in 1792.

IIIb Jenneken Meijerink x Herman Elferink 1793-1806

Jenneken MEIJERINK remarried 30 06 1793 Haaksbergen Hermanus (Herman) Elferink (Bruggert) to Racks born. Son of William and Elferink Grietjen BARGWEVERS. Herman Elferink was because he was also named Herman Bruggert. Farmer ‘Bruggert’ Jenneken Meijerink is deceased before 1806.

IIIc Herman Elferink x Hendrika Brewers from 1806

Herman or Mannus Elferink remarried on 06 09 1806 in Haaksbergen with Hendrika BREWERS. This couple the present inhabitants of ‘Bruggert. Tribes Since Herman Elferink owner by inheritance has become the yard is not been in foreign hands.

Is, among other things born of this marriage:

1 Gerrit Jan Elferink, born about 1808 in Haaksbergen, heir, see IV.

IV Gerrit Jan Elferink x Geertruida to Bembthuis

Gerrit Jan Elferink, born about 1808 in Haaksbergen. Farmer on ‘Bruggert. Married 29 01 1839 Haaksbergen Geertruida to BEMBTHUIS, born about 1811 in Eibergen. Geertruida maid at her wedding. She is a daughter of Gerrit Jan to BEMBTHUIS (to Bump Home) and Joanna BROSHUIS, a farmer. From this marriage o.ä .:

1 Hendrikus Johannes Elferink, born 13 08 1852 Haaksbergen. Heir, see V.

V Hendrikus Johannes Elferink x Johanna Maria Ezendam

Hendrikus Johannes Elferink was born on 13 08 1852 Haaksbergen. He is a dyer, farmer and farmer ‘Bruggert. He is deceased on 25 08 1910 at the age of 58 years Haaksbergen. He married at the age of 31 on 26 04 1884 at Haaksbergen Johanna Maria Ezendam, 24 years old, born on 22 12 1859 in Hengelo. She was at her wedding maid by profession, later a farmer. Johanna Maria died 03-04-1942 Haaksbergen and was a daughter of Derk Jan Ezendam and Joanna Maria (Johanna) BOLSTER (born Wennewick). Are born of this marriage:

1 Johanna Geertruida Elferink, born 01 06 1885 in Haaksbergen, erfopvolgster, see VI.

2 Dina Johanna Elferink, born 04 06 1889 in Haaksbergen and deceased after 1942 it was initially a maid in Buurse (F 64). She married at the age of 24 on 22 05 1914 in Eibergen Johannes Hermanus Karnebeek, 32 years old, born on 26 04 1882 in Racks. He is a mason and farmer by profession and died on 27 06 1942 in Eibergen at age 60. He was buried on 02 07 1942 in Racks (RK cemetery). He was a son of Hermanus (Harmanus) Karnebeek and Johanna BOUWMAN on “The Hutte ‘Racks to farmers. The couple lived in Karnebeek-Elferink Racks. The Slemphutterweg

VI Johanna Geertruida Elferink x Gerhardus ter Braak

Eldest daughter Johanna Geertruida Elferink, born 01 06 1885 in Haaksbergen was erfopvolgster to “Bruggert. She married at the age of 22 on 01 02 1908 Haaksbergen with Gerhardus to VOMIT, 22 years old, born on 13 09 1885 in Hoonte (municipality Neede, parish Rietmolen) to ‘Broak’ on the Kieft Dijk. Gerhardus was a factory worker and farmer at ‘Bruggert. He died on 19 07 1963 Haaksbergen at age of 77 years, as a result of a tragic accident. He was on 23 07 1963 Haaksbergen the R.K.Pinschmidt burial cemetery. He was a son of Gerrit Jan ter FALLOW, sawyer and farmer, and Hendrina (Dina) CAMP. (father Gerrit Jan ter Braak came from ‘the Broak’ to Brammelo, the ancestral home of most Ter Braak Haaksbergen). Geertruida Johanna ter Braak-Elferink died in 1972 are born Haaksbergen From the marriage:

1 Gerharda Hermina (Mina) to VOMIT, born 25 12 1908 Married to Johan Lankheet (Hunter). They dwelt on Racks ‘Hunter’. See their wedding photo showing the entire family of Ter Braak Bruggert.

2 Johannes Hendrikus (Johan) to VOMIT, born 25 12 1909 Melkrijder. Deceased on 03 12 1994 Haaksbergen at age 84. Married at the age of 25 on 28 11 1935 Haaksbergen Geertruida Gerharda (Jersey) Wolferink (from a Button), 24 years old, born on 01 11 1911 Haaksbergen. Deceased after 1994 Daughter of Johannes Gerhardus Wolferink (Button) and Gerharda (Grada) WHITES. Ter Braak-Wolferink family lived on the Demmersweg later the three of Kinsbergenstraat Haaksbergen.

3 Gerhardus Johannes (Gerard) to VOMIT, born 13 10 1912 Milk Deliveryman by horse and wagon. Deceased on 04 03 1990 at the age of 77 years Haaksbergen. Married 1940 Aleida Berendina (Leida) Wijlens. They lived on the Scholtenhagenweg Haaksbergen.

4 Johanna Maria (Hanna) to VOMIT, born 21 02 1914 03 02 2000 Deceased on Haaksbergen at the age of 85 years. Married 1944 Haaksbergen Herman Wijlens, born 23 06 1916 Haaksbergen. Deceased on 15 01 2001 Haaksbergen at age 84. Son of Bernard Wijlens (a Stokker) and Gertrud (Geertruida) Grobbink (born 1890 Ammeloe). She later attended the Twijnerstraat 41 Haaksbergen.

5. Reinoldus Hendrikus (Hendrik) to VOMIT, born 13 04 1915 Henry is a farmer on the erve Klompenmaker to Eibergsestraat. He died in 1963 in Enschede, after a tragic accident. Married at the age of 29 on 25 05 1944 Johanna Gezina Berendina (Siena) Kleinsman, 25 years old, born on 13 04 1919 Langelo (Klompenmaker the erve). She died in 1981 in Enschede (hospital). She touched in 1963 seriously injured in an accident in which her ​​husband was killed. Daughter of Hendrikus Kleinsman, farmer on Klompenmaker and Wilhelmina Mary BOLSTER.

6 Berendina Gezina (Dina) to VOMIT, born 10 12 1917 No further details are known.

7 Catharina Maria (Marie) to VOMIT, born 24 05 1919 Marie died on 12 12 1988 Haaksbergen (nursing Weeding Pants) at the age of 69 years. She was buried on 15 12 1988 in Neede (RK cemetery). Married to J.Th.H. by SARK, deceased on 23 08 1977.

8 Hermanus Marinus (Herman) to VOMIT, born 05 08 1920 Married to Bertha H. (Betsie) EMPERORS, born 10 05 1926 in Haaksbergen, daughter of Anthony (Tone) EMPERORS (Heetpas), mason and Johanna Berendina (Hanna) BOSCH, factory worker. Herman and Betsie ter Braak lived on Maatweg 19 in De Veldmaat. For several years they live in ‘the Saalmerink’ on the Klaas House Street 9.

9 Gerharda Wilhelmina (Grada) to VOMIT, born 24 11 1923 Again a daughter erfopvolgster to ‘Bruggert’, see VII.

VII Grada ter Braak x Jan Wijlens Gerharda Wilhelmina (Grada) was born on 24 11 1923 Haaksbergen. To VOMIT She passed away on 13 06 2002 at the age of 78 years Haaksbergen. She married Jan Wijlens, born about 1918 in Langelo on the town “the Stokker ‘and deceased on 30 03 2002 Haaksbergen. He was a son of Bernard Wijlens (a Stokker) and Gertrud (Geertruida) Grobbink (born Wennewick and daughter of Gerrit Jan Grobbink x Cath. M. Gehling, since 1891 on ‘the Krakeel’ living). Jan and Grada Wijlens-ter Braak put habitation line upon ‘Bruggert. Is, among other things born of this marriage:

1 Hilda Wijlens, erfopvolgster, see VIII.


Photo: Family Ter Braak (Bruggert) and Lankheet (Hunter) at the wedding of Johan Lankheet x Mina ter Braak.

VIII Hilda Wijlens x Hannie Kleinsman For the third time was a daughter erfopvolgster to ‘Bruggert’.Truus married Hannie Kleinsman, making sex Kleinsman was introduced in the yard. The Kleinsman family has its name derived from the well located in Langelo erve Kleinsman (Aaftinksweg 17). They held a pig on Erve Bruggert. “Conjured” by 2002 they farm to the now widely known “(apartments) hotel erve Bruggert. Children o.ä .: 1 Hans-Jurgen Kleinsman, see IX. IX Hans-Jurgen Kleinman x Claudia Morssinkhof. Hans Jurgen and Claudia run together with their (clean) parents hotel erve Bruggert. From Hendrica Lansink in 1741 they represent the 9th ‘generation’ habitation on ‘Bruggert.


Photo: Jan Wijlens, Johan van Sark and Hendrik ter Huurne


Photo: Jan Wijlens, Henry and Johan Lankheet Michorius.


Made possible by Eric Ooink.

Erve Bruggert is the ideal location for a short or long vacation. The hotel is located in Twente, a short distance from the border with Germany and the cities of Enschede and Hengelo.
The center of Haaksbergen is located 2.5km from the hotel. Haaksbergen and Twente are worth! You will find a peaceful place, space and recreation. Haaksbergen Twente is a real place where the geniality dominates.

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