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Every week on Monday

Conversational English in the library. Enhance your active fluency in English. 10 sessions of 2 hours, every week in the library. Price € 75, – for members and € 100, – for non-members. You can register via mail Attn bibliotheek@kulturhushaaksbergen.nl Danielle Bekkers, or call 053-5722040. Foundation Kulturhus Haaksbergen Location Library, Bouwmeester 8.

Every week on Tuesday

Seniors coffee morning. Clubhouse Walk Circle DIO, it Gängelhuuske, Molenstr. 56 Time: 10-11.30 pm.

Every week on Wednesday

Weekmarkt Haaksbergen. Cozy goods market with a variety of things such as vegetables, fruit, clothing, cheese, fish, bread, etc. Time: 8.30-12: 30. Market.

Boules. It is played from 14-15.30 hours. Free participation. Saalmerink, Klaas House Street 9 www.vvvhaaksbergen.nl/jeudeboules.

Erve Bruggert is the ideal location for a short or long vacation. The hotel is located in Twente, a short distance from the border with Germany and the cities of Enschede and Hengelo.
The center of Haaksbergen is located 2.5km from the hotel. Haaksbergen and Twente are worth! You will find a peaceful place, space and recreation. Haaksbergen Twente is a real place where the geniality dominates.

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